Kelli Wright

Date: February 1st, 2017

    Kelli Wright is a member of the Bucks County Aquarium    Society. She has been keeping fish off and on since she    was in middle school and recently re-entered the hobby.    A chemist by education, (M. S. Chemistry, University of    Illinois, 2000), Kelli has always had an artistic side and    enjoyed interior design. The fishkeeping hobby allows her to combine her interest in science with her passion for design as she currently keeps 9 freshwater tanks in the main living area of her home. Her focus area is on New World Cichlid communities, with showcase species ranging from Apistogramma to Vieja on her talk on The Evolving Fishroom(s). Kelli will walk us through her recent foray into the hobby and explain how her "fishroom" was incorporated as design elements in her living spaces. She will also share lessons learned, tips for managing a large and diverse selection of fish/tanks and some of her favorite and least favorite fish.