May 2015 Speaker

Kevin Carr - Showing Fish

Date: May 2nd, 2015

He has been in the organized hobby since he was 16 years old. Kevin is an Honorary Life Member of the North Jersey Aquarium Society and a Life Member of the American Cichlid Association. He has held every position in the North Jersey Aquarium Society, including five times as President. He has chaired or co-chaired several tropical fish events including national conventions. Kevin says, "Also because of my big mouth I have offered my services as an auctioneer to several of the local fish clubs". His voice is definitely very appropriate for an auctioneer, and his great sense of humor turns any auction into a fun event. Kevin has won several awards showing tropical fish (mostly cichlids) including the ACA's Pat Mahoney Award. He has kept and bred many of the larger South and Central American Cichlids. He has also worked in the retail pet industry and been a co-owner of a tropical fish wholesale business. To him, the hobby is not just about the fish but the social aspect, - the people. As he says, "Next to my angel, my lovely daughter Ania, this is what I enjoy the most". It will be a great pleasure to have Kevin at our meeting.