August 2015 Speaker

Jerry Smith - Aquatic Gardening

Date: August 6th, 2015

Jerry Smith was first exposed to the Tropical Fish hobby as a child via the waiting room of his Doctor and an aquarium kept by his father in their home. His first aquarium was a 20 High purchased in 1966, which soon grew into a fish room in his basement. He worked at a local fish store while in High School. His first interest in aquatic plants started during this period.

He earned a BS in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology in 1977. He kept a Cryptocoryne cordata plant growing in a one gallon jar while in his senior year in college.

He became more seriously interested in Aquatic Plants in the mid 1990’s, although only in casually growing them. He joined the New Jersey Aquatic Gardeners Club in April 2007 and has learned much while a member there. He has been President of the NJAGC since August 2012. He has been a member of the Aquatic Gardening Association for at least 8 years.

Jerry currently is keeping Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids and experiments with Cryptocoryne plants to see which will grow in hard water. He enjoys growing Cryptocoryne plants in emersed conditions to see them flower.

Jerry is also very interested in any type of gardening and grows vegetables, carnivorous plants, and cacti. He is a member of the Connecticut Cactus and Succulent Society, North Jersey Aquarium Society, and the Jersey Shore Aquarium Society. He is also very active on many forums online covering his many interests.