February Speaker

Brian Cush

Saltwater Setups

Date: February 4th 2016

In 1998, after serving four years in the Navy, I was given a saltwater aquarium. After many years of keeping several styles of saltwater aquariums a local aquarium store opened and I was hired as a fish catcher. There I met a couple BCAS members. In 2011 I joined BCAS and attended meetings regularly. I then started keeping several freshwater aquariums. My saltwater tank grew into a 300 gallon system with a 120 gallon display. In 2014 I was voted in as BCAS President. I continue to serve as current President. In November 2014 my wife and I bought our first house. I’m currently rebuilding the 300 gallon system in my new house. I am also currently setting up a mixed fish room of salt and fresh water aquariums. I also keep several species of snakes. I have bred California king snakes and pine snakes.