Monthly Auction

  1. Bringing things to sell - All aquarium and pond related equipment, dry goods, plants, fish and other livestock are welcome. You do not need to be a member of BCAS to sell at the auction. For non-livestock, the seller gets 60% of the selling price and 40% goes to BCAS (split). For the annual auction ONLY there is a "buck a bag" deal on livestock - BCAS gets a buck and the seller gets the rest of the selling price.
  2. Auction Sheet - An auction sheet is available on the website and can be filled out by the seller in advance. Items must be assigned a code (3 initials from sellers name followed by a number (1-n). This code must appear on the auction sheet for each item and must be labeled on the item itself.
  3. Minimum Bids – A seller may put a minimum bid on an auction item. The auctioneer will not sell the item for less than the minimum bid. The minimum bid must be on the auction sheet and clearly shown on the item label.
  4. Donations – Of course, you can also donate items for the auction. In this case, the entire sale price of the item goes to Bucks County Aquarium Society and will be primarily used to fund our speaker program. Donations are greatly appreciated!
  5. Bidding at the auction –
    • Monthly Auctions – Anyone present may bid. Payment, either cash or check, is expected when the item is won. Payment will be collected by one of the runners.
    • Annual Auction - When you come to the auction you will need to get a bidder's card in order to be able to bid at the auction. Members may run a tab. Non-members who wish to run a tab will need to leave their driver’s license at the front desk. Their license will be returned to them when they check out and settle their tab. Payment, either check or cash, is expected before you leave the auction. If you are not running a tab then payment is expected when the items is won and will be collected by one of the runners.
  6. Non-returnable – Anything bought at auction is non-returnable. Please check with the seller before purchasing if you have any doubts. We rely on people’s honesty in putting only non-defective equipment in the auction. We have had very few problems in all of the years we have been doing this.
  7. “Pushing” an item for auction – Let’s say that you see something you want to bid on, but you have to leave in the next 15 minutes and the item may not come up for auction in time. If this happens, you can “push” an item by giving one of the runners $1 and telling them which item you would like pushed. The runner will immediately bring the item to the auctioneer and it will be auctioned within the next two or three items.
  8. Runner – A runner is a wonderful and greatly appreciated volunteer who brings items from the table to the auctioneer, takes the item to the individual who has won it and collects the payment. Anyone can volunteer to be a runner – we always need runners!

Have items for the auction?

Please print out this form and fill it out, or use this fillable .pdf file.