Newport Kentucky Aquarium

Date: June 24th 2014 Posted by: Tony Wootson

Page Two

A final tank in this room highlighted some of the fish and other aquatic animals found in the "Moving Mississippi". In addition, fish from a local river (The Licking) were also showcased.

The Tunnels
From this room the visitor was propelled through the first of a series of tunnels. This first one focused on shore fish and other aquatics.

There were three other tunnels which were set up. One showcased Amazon water-life, another highlighted the Coral Reef, and the last displayed sharks, rays, sea turtles and other sea-creatures. With the way these tunnels were set up, you found yourself literally immersed in a variety of different natural habitats where these aquatic creatures live and come from. (I'll delved into the remaining 3 tunnels a bit later in this report).

Marine Fish

The tunnel which housed the sharks, rays, sea turtles and other sea-creatures actually opened up in a different area in the Aquarium to a HUGE viewing window, giving visitors a better view of the different fish and sea critters housed within.

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